Who Qualifies

Who Qualifies


TL Canada School students understand that they can achieve success if they believe they can succeed. Having a positive attitude for learning, a desire to work hard and complete their work, participating in group discussions, together with regular participation by attending all classes, are the essential requirements for getting the grades students need to be accepted into a university. It takes more than acquiring knowledge. Information is readily available through teachers, books, the internet, and other resources. However, a student of the 21st century must learn how to use this information to identify key concepts, to develop critical and analytical thinking skills.


Teachers’ professional development is an ongoing commitment at CTL Canada School. We have assembled a team of coaches to help teachers expand their teaching strategies and further build student engagement. Our coaches are experienced, certified teachers who have taught the Ontario curriculum within and globally, as well have been curriculum writers.  They create a rich environment for our teachers to learn continuously, stay current, and discover new resources that will enhance our curriculum delivery. Our focus is to create the best learning environment for our teachers and their students.
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