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Our Privacy Policy, Content, Data and Information Accuracy

We appreciate and acknowledge the need for preserving your privacy. As such we hereby acknowledge to you that we will not be sharing the data shared by you to any third parties without your written consent except legally bound to disclose the information as directed by any appropriate authorities.

Information shared with you through our website is deemed accurate to our best knowledge however we continue to look for ways to validate and adjust information based on review and feedback. We seek feedback from our website visitors to let us know of any inaccuracy or of your concern about the information you may find on our website via our Contact us page. Please understand, we are here to serve your needs and we hereby kindly inform you that any errors or omissions noted on our website are not intentional and we are here to investigate and adjust any errors on a timely basis once a formal submission is made through our contact page.

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CTL Tutoring uses a variety of accredited and verified third party providers for the purpose of Marketing, Promotion and Payment Processing and we hereby like to advise you through these third-party providers are reputable and accredited parties for providing the services we utilize, there might be events or occurrences where the data shared by you potentially be breached by sources without CTL Tutoring’s direct or indirect participation (e.g. hacking, data breach, data theft, other) where CTL Education or of its affiliated companies will not be held liable for such occurrence and you as a person or parties who have submitted your information for the purpose of benefitting or utilizing our services will indemnify CTL Education and of its owners from any direct liability through such described occurrence.

When we display or include information from any third party as acknowledged content or hyperlinks, CTL Education and of its immediate affiliated companies by default endorsing of the materials nor of the owner parties of the materials for their belief or claims other than to share with you as information published by the provider. If you have any concerns about such information, please contact us through our Contact page.   

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