Ontario University Pathway

12 Months University Access Pathway

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) designation is recognized as Gold Standard education amongst English-speaking countries where Canadian and Global universities welcome students with such designation as competent applicants into their program. 

For students attending through us to complete the 12 months University Pathway, CTL will support the students, primarily to attend Ontario located universities or work with our partners to provide access into a series of English-speaking Canadian and Global universities.

Our Guidance Counselling services are inclusive of the cost as well of all of our extra-curricular programs, unless otherwise it is published in the fee section. CTL Canada School’s goal is to work with our students to enroll them into premier Canadian and Global universities for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs inclusive of campaigning on behalf of the student for access to bursaries or scholarship funds that might be available at the university.

CTL Canada School’s University Pathways will not only move the enrolled students through the curriculum but also support the students for Ontario University admission as well provide Immigration consultation (additional fees) for the students to have seamless access into Canada (pending the students successfully completes their 12 months program with good credits and in compliance with Canadian Immigration rules).

Start Months
Every other month staring September first week
Prior Education Requirement
Successful completion of Grade 10 Level Education leading to Grade 11 placement
Entrance Evaluation Test
Math or Science and English with over 80% score

Report cards will align to Ontario Government’s Education Schedule as 5th week mid-term and 9th week and end of term report. Successful students will gain Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) for accessing to Colleges