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We look forward to partnering with you to make a difference in humanity worldwide through education.

How to get started

CTLEDU is looking for Canadian and Global partners who are looking to educate and enable everyone around the globe through your expertise or through an established curriculum that is delivered in a structured format through our CTL online education platform. CTL’s sole directive is to educate every human being on this planet from a young person to an older person as we stand to deliver education irrelevance of age, gender, race, or belief.

If you are interested in partnering with CTLEDU to offer education, knowledge, courses, or certification or other forms of graduate programs, please fill in the form with details so that a partner liaison team member can contact you.

Partner Benefits

As a CTLEDU partner, we believe you will be gaining or deriving the following benefits:

  • Revenues through direct sales or donations or both
  • Brand building for yourself or for your organization
  • International reputation
  • Opportunity to serve fellow human beings through education
  • Transformation of Human lives for self-reliance and/or sustainability 
  • Other positive experiences based on each individual you or your organization serve through education

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