Importance of Education – A Vietnamese perspective – Hon. Bryon Wilfert P.C., ICD.D

Vietnam - Female Students

As the Chair of CT Canada School, I believe Education is the foundation of and for global performance. In this regard, I wish to share with you about Vietnam.

Vietnamese parents have always valued education for their children as a priority. In the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi, stands the Temple of Literature, which is the first University of Vietnam. There are two stone hands with the names of ancient Vietnamese doctors. People come to admire this monument to education. Studying is considered one of the few arts to change your position in life. Investing in education is one of the most successful businesses in Vietnam and education companies or international schools, with excellent reputations for providing first class education, do very well. In order for the average Vietnamese to obtain a good job, education is the key to success. Vietnamese are very fond of people who are successful students. A FIELD Prize was won by Ngo Bao Chau – is an idol to many young students and the example of success by their parents. Young adults attend English classes and computer classes after work in order to advance their careers. Many university graduates begin their second degree once they finish their first degree.  Education is ingrained in them. Even the Vietnamese Government sets aside a significant amount of funds for education. The literacy rate is around 95% including 98% for men’s and 93% for women as of 2019. The Vietnamese pride themselves, and for good reason, on being a nation of learners and it is not hard to see why given the importance education plays in the daily life of the society.

At CTL, we firmly believe, respect and regard the Value for and of Education and strive to achieve the same through SMART Learning Approaches for our students.

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