How Personalized Learning Strengthens Students

Believe it or not, not all students learn the same way. Learning is rarely linear, which is why some parents/guardians are dependent on tutoring as a way of maximizing school achievements for the student. Tutoring provides the support students need to become independent problem solvers and critical leaders because it offer students the required tools to understand and respond to their curriculum needs. This ultimately helps them achieve higher grades and a better chance at a career they love. So, be sure to check out CTL Education and browse the many one-on-one math and science tutoring programs designed to target the goals of parents and students in K-12. 

Under a microscope, there are several advantages of tutoring, no matter if the student is in Kindergarten or Grade 12. Firstly, it offers students the opportunity for personalized learning, which most are unable to reviece in large-size classrooms. From a young age, it acts as a foundation for optimizing research and learning patterns, boosting confidence, and developing communication and interpersonal skills.

Uniques Learning Experience

For some, personalized learning is more effective than fighting for a teacher’s attention in large classrooms filled with unique needs. Tutoring allows a qualified educator outside of the classroom to provide extra support to a student on a one-to-one or small group basis, addressing the learning gaps within a curriculum. 

Booking a tutoring session allows the student to discuss their concerns and questions with the tutor in a comfortable learning environment and to review, practice, and prepare to stay on par back in their main class setting. Tutors have one goal in mind: supporting the student’s success. This means tutors are on the student’s team, and will approach supporting them in a tailored way to address challenges and weak spots. As mentioned earlier, every student learns differently.

Prepping for Challenges

Poor grades are correlated with a lack of involvement in the classroom and often turns into a cycle of falling behind in class, reciving poor grades, and family pressure that may hinder the student’s ability to focus. 

An experienced tutor is able to resolve challenges for both the student and parent/guardian by carefully assessing the subject matter and continuing to support and monitor their progress for assured results. It’s important to note, private tutoring doesn’t replace education provided by schools and classroom learning, but supports a student who wishes to excel at their current schools. CTL Tutoring is designed to prep students with universal problem-solving methods to tackle academic and real life situations.

Desire to Succeed

Tutoring has shown to develop and promote the motivation for achievement. When a student feels comfortable, capable and creative, it is proven they continue to build stronger skills and knowledge. As this positive cycle begins to form, students will maintain the desire to hone success. CTL Tutoring strives to encourage students to realize their potential, actively empowering today’s youth to create tomorrow’s leaders. We focus our sessions on math and science, promoting STEAM-based learning to develop strong problem-solving, critical thinking, and leadership skills. To find out more about CTL Tutoring and STEAM education, follow us for more information and on-going updates.

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