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CTL Canada School

Our key to student success is to provide high quality Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) programs to Global Students in their HOME COUNTRIES to that meet Canadian University access requirements. We individualize our effort to manage such effort to each student’s needs, while extending the right amounts of support and care, and offer exemplary qualified teachers to support the students as one to one or in a Smaller Classroom format. CTL Canada School students will continuously strive for excellence and achieve personal and academic growth.

CTL Canada School

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Educators – Join us and receive our personalized service including your own online Video Channel and Class to deliver Education and Knowledge to Canadian and others world over. If you are passionate about sharing your skills and knowledge and make a difference to humanity towards a BETTER WORLD OVER.

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Words from the CTL community

The teaching methodology in the courses was great. It was challenging, yet fun and engaging. As a student I was pushed to learn and try out new competencies.
The educators were very knowledgeable and skilfully imparted the logistics of the subject. The presentations were clear, concise, crisp and stimulative. There was no space to lose focus.
With the assessments, I was able to figure out my logical strengths and weaknesses and that has helped me pick pace in understanding the curriculum.
It was fun to meet my friends online and learning together, with no pain of homework and yet so many memories, academic and interactive.
All of us were actively engaged in verbal interaction and I started to feel the grip on communication in the French class.
It opened my mind to different set of views and analytical learning.
I was hesitant, but the teacher helped me, leading me with a series of questions. Thereafter I was able to traverse through the subject consistently.
My queries were answered imparting a deeper sense of understanding as to why we are even studying this.
My guidance counsellor was very motivating, inspiring, friendly and helpful in my tough times during lock-down.

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