educate me
Join us to support your Local High School Student Communities through our programs

CTL Education through its Social Giving Programs and with its Ontario Registered Charity Educate Me Canada Programs, providing a series of High School related programs for the High School students of Marginalized Communities of Canada. Some of our programs:

  1. FREE or affordable after School Science and Mathematics support program for High School students wanting to follow Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) University or College streams. We provide this support using our in-house Educators as well using a variety of Educational support tools and with the joint support of Community and Individual Philanthropic partners
  2. Affordable and Branded new Laptops and Gaming Systems to support the young people in a Treat Equal – Feel Good – Perform Well format
  3. CTL’s own in-house Youth Leadership program teaching the young people how to prepare themselves in being an Effective Thinker, Leader and Enabler (Soft skills for added advantage in building their future)
  4. Access to CTL Mentor Programs
  5. Access to CTL sponsored Community Transformation Programs with up to $250 awards per successfully completed Human Transformation project benefitting their neighbourhood, Canada, and World over

If you are parent and from a Low-Income neighbourhood or from Marginalized community with provable household income under CA$45,000, please send fill the form below (after signing on to the site)

If you are an Individual, Community, Social, Business or Corporate party and wish to collaborate with us, please fill-in the form below or send us a direct email via providing the following details:

Your Name, Organization’s Name (if any), Phone number, Email address and the type of help you will provide. This is for Ontario and Canadian residents only. If you have an idea as well to help those who are in through education, we would love to hear from you as well.

Your contribution supports education for human beings everywhere and helps fund financial aid for learners in Canada and Globally. It is worthwhile to teach someone to do something than to do it for them.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken all of us by surprise and the need for education using internet and technologies has become a need undeniable to all. Join us in helping those who need education and let us together support the families of those who are standing between us and the Pandemic in Canada and Globally.

For Parents of Canadian High School students (Must be successfully attending school with performing marks as well the household income less than CA$45,000. School attendance, Report Card and Household income verification required.

For partnering organizations or individuals - please drop us a note. We also welcome volunteers.