Grade 9 – Math – Class of 4 – 6 hours per week

· 12/01/2021

Conducted By

Dr. Resham Vinayak PhD in Math

Let an experienced Math Educator with PhD in Mathematics enable your child to excel in Math

CTLEDU’s Math Tutoring Program enables students to think and act independently by sharing their Mathematical knowledge in a problem solving and gamification way with the students and simultaneously challenging the students to think strategically of an end goal – improved high performance and results. The key is using methodical ways and SMART approach to build confidence in the young student so that our goal is attained of Highly Performing student.

Such an approach is inclusive of regular and real example of mock exams where students when they are challenged on a specific space of their learning–we enable the right mindset for success.

Our approach for success:

  • We follow Ontario Government’s Secondary School curriculum – you will find this at their website
  • We approach the student’s learning to use Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound (SMART)  so performance or results is assured. We provide FREE and LIVE interview/assessment with the student to understand theirs and our FIT for CTLEDU to assist.
  • We provide money-back Guarantee – within two weeks if your child feels our approach is not what they are looking for we will refund your payment 100%
  • We host regular Live Exam simulation to help to ease the anxiety, hesitation and doubts that impedes a student’s ultimate results
  • We provide Guidance Counselling for FREE for our students looking for direction 
  • Last, sign-up for our monthly program and stay with us for over one (1) month and you will receive a NEW Alexa Dot 4th Generation for FREE 

Program Details

Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday  – 4pm to 6pm

Weekly CA$75.00 (want to sign-up for monthly and pay discounted PLUS receive a new Alexa Dot 4th Generation FREE  – please select the monthly program)

We also have larger class rooms with 12 students in a class for a cheaper price. Find this option from our listing and sign-up.

One-to-One Tutoring is available as EXCLUSIVE format. Send us a note via clicking here (you need to quick join us using a variety of options including social network trusted login)

For those from lower-income families (proof of income required) even deeper discounts available on a long-term commitment. Contact us (after joining us) via clicking here

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