Art of Mathematics – Dr. Resham Vinayak

At CTL, our approach to Mathematics education is thinking outside of the box, as Isaac Newton (,of%20rectangles%20of%20infinitesimal%20width.) discovered formulas for areas of under the curve.

As per, Mathematics is not merely a subject that came into existence because of numbers and their need. It is a subject that has evolved out of nature and its behaviour- patterned or logical. To give an example – have you ever thought how the coastline was  measured (let’s say before the Google Maps came into play!). The coastline is jagged and a perfect measurement means carefully measuring the teeniest and tiniest parts of the coastline. As we measure every portion, every inch of the coastline is further jagged. The repetitive nature of the jag in every inch (or even a part of it!!) is an example of a pattern called Fractal. We can see fractals in many natural existences. The most popular example is of a Snowflake. A snowflake, if you put it under a microscope, shows a pattern. The fact is – every molecule or even the atom of the snowflake shows the same pattern. The repetitive nature can be used for measurements. Going back to the coastline – knowing the measurement of a small piece and adding it to infinity (because coastline is very long! And there would be infinite pieces of the pattern), gives the length of the coastline. Happy measuring !!

(Dr. Resham Vinayak has been a Mathematics Educator, teaching university and high school students, making math fun to learn)

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