About CTL Canada School

CTL Canada School is a Canadian private education organization with approved agency partnership with Government of Ontario as an Independent Learning Centre for issuing Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

CTL Canada School solely focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education for our student community aged 14 to 18 while using our locally hosted global classrooms to deliver other educational programs and services using sister divisions of CTL Canada School.

Our students are expected to complete obligatory programs of advanced soft skills training of CTL’s own Leadership program for building interaction, engagement and presentation skills, advanced computer programming training, International language proficiency training plus CTL’s micro-funded disruptive innovation projects for the curriculum required Community Projects. CTL Canada School also provides mentoring and psychology support for our students to hold our students at an optimum and healthy space to achieve success in their chosen academic and career path. Such comprehensive and advanced training programs will allow our internationally located female learners to gain access into Canada and Global universities – assisted by CTL’s in-house support team. Such support is inclusive of immigration, representation and continuous support for students using CTL’s in-house team’s participation.

Canadian University Entrance Access Program for Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) for Girls Ages 14-18

Small Classes

We offer small classes that allow teachers to give individual attention to every student.

Flexible Terms

Admissions open every term.

Individual Tutoring

Extra help is always available to CTL Canada School students. Tutorials can be individual or with a group of students.

Rigorous Curriculum

Our curriculum is developed by using effective strategies and learning tools that result in high level of student engagement.

21st Century Learning

We teach the skills and competencies students need to succeed in an increasingly global and interconnected world.

PhD Attained Educators

Our educators are predominantly PhD attained and experienced in teaching at Universities and Colleges.

CTL Canada School's Social Responsibility

CTL’s founders have created a non-profit organization – Educate Me Canada Programs (an Ontario Government registered Charity) to provide Education and Education Support for the marginalized communities of Canada and the World.

Our active programs are:

  • FREE Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subject teaching
 for High School students of all genders
  • Teacher training for publicly owned or non-profit schools for STEM subjects
  • Access to internet and computer technologies through CTL supported programs
  • Access to CTLEDU hosted educational content
  • Access to scholarship programs including FREE access to advanced education in Canada
  • Knowledge services to marginalized communities and other facilities aligned to United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for Human Transformation
CTL Canada School’s social responsibility program is aligned to core rotary value of Service Above Yourself as well of the Four-way Guiding Principles.